So you or your loved one has been arrested or indicted in West Virginia.

 Don’t feel bad hundreds of people get arrested ever day in this state. Don’t believe me check the West Virginia Regional jail website. www.rja.wv.gov

Now what do you do? Well first thing to do is remain calm.   Remember your rights .You have a right to remain silent it. Please use it. Try to make a mental note of the officer’s name, the time you were arrested, and any other stuff that will help your case. Don’t panic. Jail sucks but it’s not the end of the world.

Next call a bondsman of your choice. Of course we would like for you to call us(866-852-5606)Toll free . But not all bondsman are the same .It’s  an important decision so call around. Ask questions. This is the person that is going to help get you or your loved one out of jail and keep them out till trial. Make sure they are appointed in the county that the charge is out of. In this state bondsman are appointed on a county by county basis. So if they are not appointed in that county they can’t help get you out.  Be prepared to pay a percentage of the bond to them. The amount that’s charged varies from company to company.  Some offer payment plans, some don’t. Some charge a processing fee, a travel and so on.

 Here is a link to the West Virginia state code dealing with Bail bondsman.


 Next call an  attorney. There are a lot of them out there. Find one you can trust. I know thats a tough one. Maybe ask your friends . 

http://www.wvpds.org/ This is the public defenders website.

http://www.wvbar.org/members/search.aspx This is the West Virginia State Bar. You can search by county.